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  • Make CSS Rounded Corners Website Template - no Images

    There are many methods of making web templates with rounded corners. But almost all use gif / jpg pictures and tables. This makes the page size large and so they are slow loading. If you want to change the color scheme you have to again generate the images in your new chosen colors.

    Alessandro Fulciniti has excellent web page at http://www.html.it/articoli/niftycube/index.html on this technology. Using his method I have devised a script that generates online CSS Rounded Corners Website Template without using any images. So that generated pages would be very fast loading.

    The script generates web template with the following parts/blocks on the page. You can specify your chosen color for each block. You can also chose which of the four corners are to be rounded.

    1. Header block
    2. Body block column
    3. Menu block column
    4. Footer block

    Click the link to get Generate CSS Template without Images

    In case you have some website in mind that you like and would like your site to be similar to that, or you have a template in mind, we can design your website based on that.

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